The IUPAB holds a triennial Congress, the next one will take place in Kyoto (Japan) in 2024 and in Berlin in 2027.

The IUPAB General Assembly will consider nominations for future congresses (2030) and voting on the location will be made at the General Assembly (in Kyoto in 2024).

According with IUPAB sponsorship policy :

IUPAB Congress: IUPAB will provide up to 60 000 € for the triennial IUPAB Congress. Funding will include a direct grant to the organizers, as well as support for student travel to the congress (normally 30 000 € for each). IUPAB will propose co-chairs for scientific sessions. The scientific program will need the approval of IUPAB. A bid should be sent to the Secretary General according to the deadline to be established, normally 6 months in advance of the General Assembly that will decide the organization.

As a consequence of the postponement of the 2020 Congress the deadline to submit bids will be: 1st of  May 2021.

The proposals must include information about the proposed venue, a tentative scientific programme, information about the town, a tentative financial budget and any other aspects that could be relevant.

Bids are expected to be supported by an Adhering Body or Scientific Society.

Bids should be sent by email to the Treasurer