Sponsorship policy

  1. IUPAB welcomes applications for support of events that are strictly within the purview of Biophysics.
  2. Support will depend primarily on the scientific merit of the proposal, and the quality and appropriateness of the speakers. Council will consider the focus of the meeting, its novelty and the contemporary importance of the topics to be covered.
  3. Support from IUPAB will be conditional upon an undertaking from the organizers that free access will be guaranteed to all scientists in conformity with the ICSU policy on the free circulation of scientists.
  4. In accordance with the aims of IUPAB to encourage and support the development of Biophysics world wide, it is expected that IUPAB resources will be used:
    • to support the attendance of younger people/students from less developed countries at meetings when the host country is in the developed part of the world and/or
    • to support speakers from the developed part of the world, as well as local students, to attend a meeting in a less developed country.
    • IUPAB expects that the language of the conference, school, etc. will normally be English, so as to maximize the participation of all scientists and to acquaint all students and other young biophysicists with the language that is used for the majority of scientific communications, both oral and written. IUPAB will, however, consider exceptions to this rule if the circumstances so justify
  5. Because of the limited funds available, applications will be considered on a competitive basis and the level of financial support awarded to any event will be decided by Council or the Executive Committee on a case-by-case basis, but rarely will it exceed 10,000 Euros.
  6. Financial support will not normally be given to:

    • A purely national meeting of any of the national biophysics societies or groups.
    • A meeting that is one of an on-going series devoted to a specific topic, although exceptionally funds may be awarded solely to support the participation of young scientists from developing countries.
    • Any meeting in a Congress year, unless officially sanctioned as a Congress Satellite.

    Financial support is available in principle, however, for the cases of:

    • A regional meeting or school devoted primarily to fostering education and research opportunities for young biophysicists, especially in those areas of the world where biophysics is developing as a discipline.
    • A regional meeting aimed at bringing together biophysicists from a number of countries in a particular area of the world.
  7. Applications for financial support of Conferences, Schools and other Events must be submitted on the appropriate forms. Please use “Forms” on the index bar and fill in the “Funding Application Form”. Completed applications should be returned to the Secretary General at least before June 30th of the year prior to the event if it is scheduled for the first semester of the following year or before the 31st of December if it will take place during the second semester. If organizers of meetings are seeking only the approval of IUPAB, including the use of the IUPAB logo, but not requesting financial support, applications may be submitted to the Secretary General at any time and will be considered by the Executive Committee by correspondence.
  8. Meetings that are supported by IUPAB financially or otherwise, will be listed in the IUPAB calendar of events; this is published in IUPAB NEWS which is distributed to all adhering bodies of IUPAB, and included in the IUPAB home page on the WWW.
  9. IUPAB support should be explicitly indicated on all publicity material and the IUPAB logo should be prominent. Organizers of funded events should send to IUPAB Secretary General, at least three months before the date of the event a demonstration of having accomplished that up to this moment, with a flyer and a link to the website. Organizers should submit a report on the Meeting (of not more than 400 words) accompanied by one of two pictures, which will be included in the web and/or in IUPAB News.
  10. Funded students should write a brief report for IUPAB (not more than 200 words) explaining the interest for himself/herself of the event that will be published in the web and/or in IUPAB News. A picture of the funded person should be attached.
  11. Priority will be given to 1) events organized directly by IUPAB or its Task Forces, or  2) Events with the prominent participation in the organization of IUPAB Adhering Bodies.

Enquiries about IUPAB meetings and requests for application forms should be addressed to the Secretary General.


IUPAB Council has agreed to sponsor one Focused Meeting in years in which we do not hold our triennial Congress. The first occasion in which one of these Meetings is to be organized will be 2021. The organization of these Meetings should be carried out within a country which is represented in IUPAB. It will be preferred to have co-organizers from two or more countries. IUPAB will provide partial financial support.

These meetings are supposed to bring together researchers interested in a given topic, but an added value will be that participants will come from different disciplines. Topics must be timely and dealing with cutting-edge science, covering 3-4 days and of clear relevance for Biophysics. A gender and geographical balance will be required when considering the list of speakers. Regular annual Meetings of Societies will not be funded.

IUPAB must appear as the main and major sponsor of the Meeting and the sponsorship must be clearly advertised in a very prominent way in all printed and electronic material (website, flyers, etc). The name of the Meeting must be “IUPAB Focused Meeting on…”.

Attendance to these Meetings must be open to participants from all countries, and with special encouragement to admit participants from countries where biophysics is emerging or from developing countries.

A bid to organize these meetings must provide the following details in the application:

-Title, dates and location. The Focused Meeting should take place in a country with an IUPAB Adhering Body. The dates of the Focused Meeting should not overlap with other IUPAB events, and should not take place within a year in which an IUPAB triennial Congress will be held.

-A brief description of meeting’s topic and themes, the opportunity and importance of the topic, and the adequacy of the location should be emphasized.

-The proposed meeting dates and number of anticipated attendees should be given.

-Focused Meetings should normally have 100-300 participants. Particular attention should be paid to participation of young scientists (Ph.D. students and post-doctoral fellows).

-Scientific program. A preliminary programme should be submitted with the application. The programme should be diverse (including lectures, open discussions, poster sessions), and it should be developed for a period of 3-4 working days. Limited social activities may be planned as well. The final Scientific Programme should be approved by IUPAB Executive Committee, and it should be submitted at least 6 months in advance of the dates proposed for the Meeting.

The organizer(s) should provide a detailed budget in €. IUPAB’s contribution will be to a maximum of 7000 € for students from countries where biophysics is emerging or from developing countries, plus a maximum of 6000 € to underwrite general expenses.

Organizers of approved Meetings must provide IUPAB Secretay General with a flyer advertising the Meeting as soon as possible, to be displayed in our website and published in IUPAB News. This flyer should be sent to IUPAB Secretary General not later than 9 months before the fixed days for such a Meeting.

Deadlines. To organize a Focused Meeting in 2021 the application deadline will be April 30, 2019.


A report (the form for which can be downloaded from the IUPAB website), should be sent to the IUPAB Secretary General and to the Treasurer, not later than three months after the conclusion of the Focused Meeting. The report should include:

1) The detailed scientific program.

2) A list (including nationality and gender) of participants and lecturers.

3) The detailed budget.

4) A brief report of about 1000 words written by the organizers and accompanied by 2-3 pictures or illustrations, to be published by IUPAB News and to be posted in IUPAB website.



Applications should be sent to the IUPAB Secretary General.

The selection will be carried out by IUPAB Council (formed by Executive Committee members and Councilors).