This Task Force will be established to enhance communication between specialists in biophysical spectroscopy and imaging and those wishing to apply such methods to medical research.


  • To maintain in the IUPAB Council a current awareness of methods in biomedical spectroscopy and their applications
  • To provide linkages between IUPAB and organizations specializing in medical biophysics
  • To catalyze collaboration between specialists in biophysical and biomedical methods
  • To transfer the critical knowledge in this subject to scientists/physicians with limited access to it
  • To effect the translation of this type of research into clinical impact


  • Provision of names and addresses of specialists in both fields to the IUPAB Council for membership on the Advisory Committee for the field
  • Organization of schools and/or workshops to catalyze collaboration between biophysical and biomedical scientists
  • Formation of linkages between IUPAB and other scientific organizations with potentially favourable overlap
  • Expansion of the biomedical content in the programme of the IUPAB Congress
  • Provision of updates on technology and applications for issues of IUPAB News


The Task force is composed of:

  • Ian C.P.P Smith (convenor)
    Institute for Biodiagnostics
    National Research Council Canada, Winnipeg
    Canada R3B 1Y6
    Email: ian.smith@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca
  • Shirley Schreier: Department of Chemistry
    University of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Email: shirley_schreier@hotmail.com
  • Eugenia Kovacs: Department of Biophysics
    Carl Davila Medical University, Bucharest, Romania.
    Email: ekovacs@univermed-cdgm.ro
  • Carolyn Mountford: Institute for Magnetic Resonance Research
    Royal North Hospital, Sydney, Australia.
    Email: caro@med.usyd.edu.au
  • Girjesh Govil: Tata Institute for Fundamental Research
    Mumbai (Bombay), India.
    Email: govil@tifr.res.in