An IUPAB Task Force has been constituted to link with CODATA.

CODATA is the Committee on Data of the International Council for Science (ICSU) and IUPAB is affiliated to CODATA.

Prof. Dr. Silvia Alonso (Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, Argentina), Councilor of IUPAB, will act as Convenor of this new Task Force.

Currently, a 3-year program is ongoing and is supposed to finish in 2018.The CODATA Strategic Plan 2015 and Prospectus of Strategy and Achievement 2016 identify three priority areas:

  1. Promoting principles, policies and practices for Open Data and Open Science;
  2. Advancing the frontiers of data science;
  3. Building capacity for Open Science by improving data skills and the functions of national science systems needed to support open data.

CODATA achieves these objectives through a number of standing committees and strategic executive led initiatives, and through its Task Groups and Working Groups.  CODATA supports the Data Science Journal and collaborates on major data conferences like SciDataCon and International Data Week.

The new IUPAB Task Force can take advantage of CODATA activity, so that those who join the Task Force would have access to CODATA news and interact with other CODATA members.

Last June, the ICSU-CODATA Commission on Data Standards for Science convened the first Inter-Union Workshop on Data Standards: Developing a Roadmap for Data Integration. Its purpose was to share details of data and information activities, agree on good practice, seek consensus about how unions and disciplinary groups can best work together in establishing a global network of scientific research data that is FAIR – i.e., Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. The information will soon be available (November).


All interested biophysicists, working in a country affiliated to IUPAB or nationals of a country affiliated to IUPAB, may apply to the Convenor, to joint the new Task Force (