Release of Funding for Schools in Biophysics

President Nagayama has authorized the 2009 awards for Schools in Biophysics.  A total of US$40,000 has been allocated for this purpose. The awards were decided on the basis of the votes received from members of the IUPAB Council.
Funding for the following Schools has been approved:
(1)    Croatia 10th International Summer School, 19 – October 1, 2009. This school will cover structure and dynamics, major techniques in biophysics, bioinformatics, and  biocomplexity and evolution.
(2)    Sofia Bulgaria, School of Protein Science, 21 – 26 September 2009. This 6-day school is entitled “From Basic Research to Drug Design”.
(3)    Latin America Postgraduate Program, October 5-9, 2009: Macromolecular Visualization  and Protein crystallography; Fluorescence approach in Biophysics; Atomic Force microscopy, EPR and Differential Scanning Calorimetry; and Nuclear magnetic resonance.
(4)    Mumbai, India, November 2009 (final dates to be announced): This program is designed to cater to postgraduate (e.g. PhD) students interested in NMR and its biological applications.