International Science Council, document on scientific publications

Opening the Record of Science: making scholarly publishing work for science in the digital era. Executive Summary: Executive Summary Science1 is indispensable to the human endeavour as a fundamental part of its intellectual infrastructure. Its distinctive value derives from open scrutiny of concepts based on evidence and tested against reality, logic and the scepticism of […]

Science at the service of humanity: the challenge with the novel Coronavirus, by the President of IUPAB

At this moment, when the world is looking to science to provide solutions to the novel coronavirus pandemic, the speed with which the public authorities invest in research and innovation will be decisive for facing this crisis. The governments of different countries must cooperate strategically in a coordinated manner to provide the best way to […]

Interesting Document about the Coronavirus Threat from the Biophysical Society

We reproduce due to his interest of this document from the Biophysical Society   Responding to the Coronavirus Threat through Investments in Fundamental Biomedical Research.   From the Public Affairs Committee of the Biophysical Society   The Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak is putting enormous strains on our hospitals, health care providers and public health system. The […]

The first edition of the Avanti Polar Lipids-IUPAB Medal and Prize has been awarded to Prof. Anthony Watts

  The first edition of the Avanti Polar Lipids-IUPAB Medal and Prize has been awarded to Prof. Anthony Watts for his pioneering contributions to biophysical research on membranes especially with the use of novel NMR techniques.   Tony Watts graduated from Leeds University, UK with a BSc and PhD in biophysics. After 5 years working […]

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications (BBRC) Bursaries

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications (BBRC), and the organization of the IUPAB conference offers bursaries to participate in the IUPAB Congress to be held in Foz do Iguazu (Brazil) (October 26th-30th, 2020). The purpose of these bursaries is to promote the mobility of young scientists and shall be used to contribute to the costs of […]