Application for Membership as an Adhering Body of the International Union for Pure & Applied Biophysics

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    Application for Membership as an Adhering Body of IUPAB

    The International Union for Pure and Applied Biophysics (IUPAB) comprises over 50 adhering bodies. These are normally the National Academy of Science (or its equivalent) or the national Biophysical Society (in certain circumstances both bodies may apply for membership). The IUPAB welcomes applications for membership from new national bodies / organizations.

    Biophysics is broadly defined as that branch of science that applies the principles of physics, chemistry, mathematical analysis and computer modelling to the understanding of how biological systems function. The IUPAB is concerned with both pure and applied aspects of this definition. While there is a degree of overlap between biophysics and other disciplines, it is the blend of the above attributes that sets IUPAB apart from other unions.

    National organizations and/or national biophysical societies can apply for membership as adhering bodies at any one of the following subscription levels:

    Category 1: € 4,500
    Category 2: € 2,250
    Category 3: € 750
    Observer: € 100

    Note: Membership categories 1 through 3 enable adhering bodies to send 3, 2 and 1 voting delegates respectively to all General Assemblies. Organizations subscribing at the Observer status level may not vote in General Assemblies.

    An application for membership or for a change in membership category must be approved by the General Assembly of the Union before it can take effect.

    Juan C. Gómez-Fernández
    Secretary General
    International Union for Pure & Applied Biophysics