Fellowship in Digital Sustainability at the Digital Curation Institute in Toronto

The Digital Curation Institute at the University of Toronto is calling for applications for a funded Fellowship under the name of digital sustainability. Applications are due by April 20, 2016 (see below).
This is the inaugural year of the 7-year Fellowship program.
Sustainability – the capacity to endure – has become a crucial concern of our data-intensive society. It needs to be addressed jointly across multiple disciplines and perspectives around information, computing, technology and society. A very abstract concept at first, sustainability brings central questions in our information society to the fore. It urges us to take a longer-term perspective on the entanglement of social, cultural, and technical questions in systems design and strive to simultaneously advance environmental, social, economic, individual, and technical goals. These perspectives don’t emerge from incremental technical progress.
The term “digital sustainability” aims to scope this fellowship in an intentionally broad sense that unites key concerns of interest for the DCI and offers connections to many disciplinary perspectives.
The capacity of digital resources to endure is a key focus of digital curation activities. At the same time,  sustainability has become a central challenge in the design of information systems and software-intensive systems in general, where it draws our attention to the capacity of communities, socio-technical systems, processes, or ecosystems to endure.
Curation activities in turn are crucial for data-intensive research in the environmental sciences, and equally are at the heart of understanding social and economic sustainability.
For this Fellowship, we are seeking a curious individual who pursues creative friction and synergies across disciplinary boundaries, especially those between the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and engineering, design, computing and technology.
The Fellowship will be awarded on a yearly basis. It can be offered to an academic faculty member (at any level), adjunct instructor, industry professional, graduate student, or postdoctoral fellow. Each of the categories will be given  equal consideration. Only one Fellowship will be awarded each year.
Details are in the call at http://dci.ischool.utoronto.ca/?p=1232!