Dear all, As part of the scientific activities of the  20th IUPAB, 45th meeting of the Brazilian Biophysics Society (SBBf) and 50th meeting of the Brazilian Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Society (SBBq) we organized a series of webinars, the 2021 IUPAB-SBBQ-SBBF YOUNG SCIENTISTS WEBINARS, covering different areas of Biochemistry and Biophysics, from may to september […]

The second Costa Rican Biophysics Symposium is coming virtually in March 11th-12th, 2021

The second Costa Rican Biophysics Symposium will be organized virtually on March 11th-12th of 2021. This year will count with Dr. Francisco Bezanilla from the University of Chicago as the keynote speaker. The talks will include research on electrophysiology, machine learning applied to cellular microscopy, and prediction of protein-protein interaction sites. This event aims to build […]