2 PhD Studentships in Biophysics are available in Benedetto’s Lab at the School of Physics, University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

Two PhD positions now available in our research group in the framework of a Science Foundation Ireland SIRG award. Each studentship is for 3 years, with a potential extension for 1 extra year.
The two PhD projects are based at the School of Physics, University College Dublin. They are in the field of biophysics and are focused on the interaction of biosystems (like proteins and biomembranes) with a new class of organic salts known as Room-Temperature Ionic Liquids (RTIL). This is a new and promising field of studies that offers a good balance of challenges and future job opportunities, both in Academia and in Industry.
It has been found that RTILs interact with biosystems in a strong and selective way, opening new opportunities for applications in biomedicine, pharmacology, material science, nanotechnology and even energy and sensing technologies.
For example, RTILs have shown (i) a marked antibacterial effect; (ii) specific interactions with proteins, affecting their aggregation into amyloid plaques; (iii) the ability to selectively bind DNA, stabilising and preserving it at ambient conditions. An overview of this research topic is given in: http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/acssuschemeng.5b01385
If you do not have access to this publication, please e-mail us about it. If you would like more info about the research activity of the Lab visit our webpage www.antoniobenedetto.eu
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Our research activities are focussed on the interaction of room temperature ionic liquids (a new class of organic salts that are liquid around ambient temperature) with biosystems like proteins, DNA, biomembranes, and saccharides.
Essential requirements: The candidates must hold a Bachelor or Master Degree in Physics or in related disciplines (e.g. Chemistry, Material Science), grade 2.1 or higher. They must also meet the English language requirements of the UCD School of Physics (see http://www.ucd.ie/physics/graduatestudents/graduateschoolpolicy/ ).
Desirable requirements: experience of working in chemistry labs and bio-labs; knowledge of programming languages like Fortran, C++ and Python; ability to work on different platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux) and to use office-like software and Tex.
Basic knowledge of Neutron Scattering and Computer Simulations of biosystems is highly appreciated.
Deadline: Applications can be sent from now on until the posts will be assigned.
Every second week from the 15th of November 2016 invitations for interview will be sent based on the received applications.
Interviews with potential candidates will start in late November – December 2016 and the procedure will continue until two suitable candidates are found.
How to apply:  Send your updated CV with the full and complete list of exams, a motivation letter (half page), and the contact details (name, affiliation, and e-mail) of your supervisor to Dr. Antonio Benedetto at antonio.benedetto@ucd.ie