Sneak preview of the new official IUPAB journal

Biophysical Reviews vol 1, issue 1 2009.
The first articles for this issue are now available in pdf format by visiting the journal site.
Contents of issue #1:
1- Biochemical characterization of breast tumors by in vivo and in vitro magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS).
Uma Sharma; Naranamangalam R Jagannathan.
2- The role of beta-sheets in the structure and assembly of keratins.
David AD Parry; RD Bruce Fraser.
3- Properties of the nucleic-acid bases in free and Watson-Crick hydrogen-bonded states: Computational insights into the sequence-dependent features of double-helical DNA.
AR Srinivasan; Ronald R Sauers; Marcia O Fenley; Alexander H Boschitsch; Atsushi Matsumoto; Andrew V Colasanti; Wilma K. Olson.
4- Phase plate electron microscopy: A novel imaging tool to reveal close-to-life nanostructures
Kuniaki Nagayama; Danev S Danev.
5- CFTR structure and function: Is there a role in the kidney?
Jackson Souza-Menezes; Marcelo Marcos Morales
6- Intercalated discs: Multiple proteins perform multiple functions in
non-failing and failing human hearts.
Colleen B Estigoy; Fredrik Ponten; Jacob Odeberg; Benjamin Herbert; Michael Guilhaus; Michael Charleston; Joshua W Ho; Darryl Cameron; Cris G dos Remedios