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IUPAB News #64, December 2015

Last modified: December 10, 2015


19th International Biophysics Congress

Last modified: October 25, 2016

19th IBC banner

The location of the next Congress will be Edinburgh, Scotland.  It will be held from July 16-20, 2017, in conjuntion with the 11th Congress of EBSA (the European Biophysical Societies Association). Preliminary information is available at

Key dates:
Abstract submission deadline:                                                      March 24, 2017
Early Registration deadline:                                                          April 14, 2017
Registration deadline:                                                                    July 5, 2017

Also, at the 18th IBC held in Brisbane, Australia in August 2014, the General Assembly voted that the location for the 20th IBC will be Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2020.

Letters of Intent deadline for 21st IBC bids:                             December 31, 2016
Deadline for Lodgement of bids to host 21st IBC:                    May 01, 2017
Bids to be submitted in pdf, with videos etc. to be available by link to a specific website for the bidding country.


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