Annual International Workshop, Puschino, Russia, 2013

The 20th International Workshop on “Analysis of Complex Biological Systems: Models and Experiment” will be held in Puschino, Russia from January 28 to February 2, 2013. The workshop is a satellite event of the Interdisciplinary Conference “Mathematics-Computing-Education”. It is aimed at facilitating dialogue between experimental, computational and theoretical aspects in life sciences, and will address interdisciplinary practices across the natural sciences. Official languages are Russian and English, and the conference website is

"Beating the Blood-Brain and other blood barriers" – workshop in Portugal, 2013

The University of Lisbon, with the support of the Portuguese Biophysical Society, is organizing this workshop in Lisbon from February 6-8, 2013. It is funded by the FP7/Marie Curie Project PRP2BRAIN and has a very low attendance fee to encourage young researchers and students to attend and present their work. There are ten main speakers from Europe, UK, Australasia and USA. More information is available at”

EBSA 2013

The 9th European Biophysics Congress will be held in LISBON, PORTUGAL from July 13-17, 2013. More information on

International Biophysics Congress in Australia, August 3-7 2014

The 18th IBC will be at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Brisbane, Queensland from August 3-7, 2014. Biophysics in Australia and New Zealand is a particularly strong discipline, with world-leading research programs and outstanding facilities. There is a diverse range of biophysical activities being undertaken here in Oceania, and many of the organising team have extensive experience in organising and running top quality international and national scientific meetings in Australia.
Brisbane is located in the heart of Australia’s premier tourist region. From some of the best beaches and rainforests to the Great Barrier Reef and World Heritage landmarks like Frazer Island, delegates can make the 2014 Congress a trip of a lifetime. Australia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world with low on-ground costs and unique natural attractions.
More information is available at the conference website

16th International Biophysics Congress

The joint 16th International Biophysics Congress (IUPAB) and Biophysical Society 52nd Annual Meeting (USA)

February 2-6, 2008, Long Beach, California, USA

Brief report on the congress by Fritz Parak, former Secretary General of IUPAB

The International Biophysics Congress is the major public activity of IUPAB. The Congress is triennial, the 2005 Congress being in Montpellier, France, and the 2011 congress will be in Beijing, China.

The Long Beach Congress was jointly organized with the Biophysical Society (USA). It was arguably IUPAB’s largest Congress. More than 5500 biophysicists attended from 54 countries, although the participants from the USA represented more than 50% the registrations. A main goal of IUPAB was to ensure that biophysicists from less developed countries were represented.

IUPAB organized three award lectures. The Ramachandran lecture is named in memory of the brilliant Indian scientist Ramachandran who was a pioneer in biophysics. The lecture was presented by Professor Girjesh Govil from India. He provided a scholarly overview on the application of NMR techniques in medicine in India. Moreover, the education of young scientists in India was discussed.

IUPAB had several special meetings during the Congress, a meeting of the Executive Committee, two Councils and the General Assembly. The Congress was very successful. All fields of modern biophysics were taken into account. The generous support of UNESCO for the Ramachandran Lecture is very much appreciated by IUPAB and is gratefully acknowledged.