6th World Congress of Oxidative Stress, Calcium Signalling & TRP Channels, Turkey 2016

This Congress will be held at Isparta, Turkey from May 24-27, 2016.

The main object of the scientific courses is to facilitate the young participants to meet with their colleagues from European laboratories. The courses will take place in laboratories at Suleyman Demirel University. All chemicals and equipment will be provided.  Lecturers are well trained and have great experiences in their topics.

More information is available on the congress website http://www.cmos.org.tr/2016/en/

FEBS Workshop on BioInteractomics: from Biomolecular Interactions to Networks, Seville, May 2016

This workshop will be held in Seville, Spain from May 17-20, 2016.  BioInteractomics is a blend of biology, informatics and technology in which experimental and computational approaches are used for finding and evaluating biomolecular interactions and their networks. The workshop provides a chance for young investigators to listen to leaders in a broad compilation of cutting-edge areas.

The weblink to the workshop is http://www.biointeractomics2016.org/

Deadline for IUPAB and IUBMB bursary applications is extended to March 01, 2016.

9th K.H. Kuo Summer School of Electron Microscopy, Beijing, June 2016

This School will be held from June 24-30, 2016 at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China  which houses state-of-the-art cryoEM facilities.  Graduate students and postdocs who currently work in the 3DEM field are particularly encouraged to attend the workshop.  As well as lectures there will be practical sessions, and young scientists will have the chance to directly interact with leading scientists in the structural biology field.

More information is available at http://www.icsb-bj.com/en/index.php/Procon/index/id/639/aid/5396/nid/174

13th Greta Pifat Mrzljak International School of Biophysics

From September 2-11, 2016 this prestigious school will take place in Croatia, run by the Croatian Biophysics Society. This time, it will be island-hopping between University of Split and University of Zadar.

Students from other continents should also benefit from the high-quality lectures both on general biophysics and on the latest developments in the field. As most of the lecturers will be available throughout the School the students will also have many opportunities for a more direct interaction.

More information can be found on the School website http://biofizika.hr/school or email: biophys2016@ifs.hr

13th Greta Pifat Mrzljak International School of Biophysics, Croatia, 2016
13th Greta Pifat Mrzljak International School of Biophysics, Croatia, 2016

Regional School on "Imaging Neuroinflammation, June 17-20, 2016 in Serbia

This School will be held at the Institute for Marine Biology in Kotor, Montenegro, Serbia.

The sessions will include Imaging of neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration in an animal model of CNS Lupus; Advanced microscopy and applications; Magnetic resonance imaging and applications; and From bench to bedside.

The circular below gives all necessary information.

NERKA6 1st circular

A weblink http://www.ibmk.org/ also provides details.


Chianti Workshop on Magnetic Resonance for Cellular Structural Biology, June 2016

This workshop will be held at the Principina Terra (Grosseto) in Italy from June 5-10, 2016.

The topics covered in the program include the most recent and innovative developments in magnetic resonance and in other relevant high and low resolution techniques, their synergistic combination to describe the structural and dynamic properties of the biomolecules involved in specific cellular pathways, as well as the exploration of potential approaches that hold promise for addressing some of the major fundamental questions in mechanistic molecular biology.

Further details are available at the Workshop website http://www.cerm.unifi.it/chianti

EBSA Course, September 11-18, 2016

This course to be held at La Grande Motte, Montpellier, France is on Membrane and Lipid-Protein Interaction.

The aim of this advanced course is to provide young researchers (PhDs and postdocs) with a solid background in membrane biophysics and in the major methodological approaches.  In addition, the course is an excellent networking opportunity.

This is within a series of prestigious courses already organized by EBSA, which have been consistently heavily oversubscribed and have included participants from the wider international community (even from outside Europe, e.g. Argentina, Colombia, Australia and USA in the last two courses).

A weblink can be found at http://biofisica.info/membrane-and-lipid-protein-interactions/

1st International Conference on Green Chemistry and Sustainable Technologies

This conference will be held at Izmir, Turkey from September 30 – October 3, 2015 at the Ilica Hotel Spa & Wellness Thermal Resort.

GCSTI 2015 aims to gather important scientists across the globe to discuss the latest developments in green chemistry, green manufacturing and engineering,  biomass and wastes as resources, alternative energy, life-cycle assessment, green education and policies,  green economy. Each topic will be introduced by a plenary talk given by the leading experts in the field.  GCSTI 2015 includes oral presentations, posters session, and exhibition.
Selected papers from conference will be published on ‘Sustainable Chemistry & Pharmacy’
The deadline for abstract submission has been extended until 17 July 2015.
For more information regarding GCSTI 2015, please visit the conference web site via www.gcsti2015.org.

Tropical School on Advances in Biophotonics for Biomedicine, Singapore, October 5-9, 2015

This 5 day Tropical school aims to cover basics of photonics and various cutting edge photonics and nano-photonics techniques for preclinical bio-imaging and bio-sensing. Basic theory and instrumentation of techniques such as microscopy, fluorescence, optical coherence tomography, photo acoustic imaging (PAI), Raman and Surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS), Surface plasmon resonance (SPR), Near infra-red spectroscopy (NIRS), diffuse optical tomography (DOT) and hyperspectral imaging will be discussed in detail. Subsequently, intense hands on training sessions on bio-imaging and bio-sensing using Raman/SERS, PAI, fluorescence, SPR and NIRS/DOT will be provided. This training is intended to cover multimodal photonics techniques for various bio-imaging applications. In addition, a 1 day long intensive training session on all the state of the art NIKON microscopic systems will also be provided.
Full details are available on the School website http://www.a-star.edu.sg/tsbp/

Royal Society Discussion Meeting, London, October 12-13, 2015

For more details, including session titles and confirmed speakers, and free registration, please visit https://royalsociety.org/events/2015/10/soft-interfacial-materials/.
The deadline for poster abstracts is Friday, July 13.  Registration will remain open until capacity is reached, but to avoid disappointment early booking is suggested.
The convenors are Nick Brooks, Mike Cates, Paul Clegg, Alex Lips and John Seddon.