Grants for 2015 Biophysics Schools

Applications closed at the end of September 2014 for assistance in funding biophysics , the IUPAB provided funding for six advanced schools in biophysics to be held during 2015:

Grenoble, France, February 2-5, 2015: Advanced isotopic labelling methods for integrated structural biology

Dresden Germany, July 15-17, 2015: Spectroscopies in biology – Recent advances

Singapore, July 11-15, 2015: Tropical school on advances in biophotonics for biomedicine

Poslatam, Uruguay, November 23-25, 2015: Membrane lipids, transporters, channels

Newry, Maine USA, May 30-31, 2015: Muscle excitation/contraction coupling – New frontiers in EC coupling

Each grant is awarded subject to the following conditions, which in brief require that the awardee a provide:

  • a signed Sponsorship Agreement
  • the Treasurer with an invoice for the amount of the grant
  • a detailed financial report, and receipts of specified expenses
  • receipts signed by the students who actually received the IUPAB funds.